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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your company’s product and service offerings?

We provide a wide range of services for keys and locks. We offer replacement, repair, unlocking, and installation services. They apply to both commercial and residential purposes, whether for your office, vehicle, or your home.

Are your services expensive and do you offer any discounts?

We have a fair pricing scheme and yes, we offer discounts. The service you require and its equivalent price really depends on the scope of the work. Please feel free to call our hotline for a free assessment and a quotation on the cost of the service.

Why should I avail of your services instead of others?

Our company has established its reputation in providing customers with the highest quality of service that others cannot provide. We have the experts and trusted employees to provide you with the customer service that you deserve and that you would not regret.

Are your safes and locks really secure and reliable?

Our locks and keys are made with state-of-the-art and the latest technology and process, backed by trusted brands of suppliers. So yes, we are guaranteeing that the services and products we provide our customers are reliable and safe.

Are you available to cater to our needs during emergency situations?

You can reach us through our designated hotline. Our customer service is always on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you out in your emergency needs. Once acknowledged, help is surely on the way.

In case I forgot my safe combination, will you help?

Absolutely, provided that you are the owner of it or that you have proof of ownership for the locked item. Our team of experts knows their way around solving your problem. Drilling the lock would come as a last resort, depending on the locked item.

Are the keys that you provide for cars only?

No. We also offer keys for other types of vehicles such as motorbikes, scooters and others. Our wide array of services can accommodate your car locksmith needs, provided that we can take a look at the vehicle for fitting and measurement.

How can I be sure your company is duly certified?

We display our license numbers on our business address and websites, and you can freely verify them with the Security Employee License office of the state government. Our registration adds more credibility and proof of our legality in providing our services.

Would you help me in choosing the best locks?

Sure. Part of our service is to give options and suggestions that suit your needs best. Our team is well trained to handle your questions and is eager to hear your concern, particularly with regards to the details of service.

How often do I need your service for maintenance works?

It depends on your needs and the situation. If you notice that something is off on your safe, keys and locks, feel free to call us up. As for maintenance, we suggest at least every six months to ensure their safety.

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