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Top Choice Locksmith is the largest security cameras supplier with a lot of experience since 2005

Our Identity

Founding a locksmith company is never an easy task. It requires a lot of things, including specialized traits, great desire to succeed, and many years of experience. Getting the client’s trust is another great part of it. All of these are essential as locksmiths work with locks – the main things that secure people’s valuables. Our company continues to be exceptional with these things. We at Locksmith New Braunfels know what a great locksmith service should be. We have been in the locksmith industry for many years now, and we still continue to be at the top of the competition. We have always been and is still the best locksmith company for our previous clients. Their 100 percent satisfaction is our greatest desire. This makes both sides, us and the clients, in a win-win relationship. Their 100 percent satisfaction shows that they love the service and that they received the proper service they were expecting from us. In return, this will give us good rating that would make us the top choice of other customers. Of course, it is a common knowledge that people will trust a company or a service if they hear something good about it. We not only think of how this could make our company better every time we work, but more importantly, the idea that we are making New Braunfels a better and safer place to live in. Since we work with locks and keys, we consider ourselves other agents to secure the people.

Our Goal

Our goal is to continue to be the best locksmith company in New Braunfels, delivering the best locksmith services that the people can ever have. The people of New Braunfels are the main source of our never ending desire to give exceptional locksmith services. They deserve the best services, and that keeps us to work more and more every day. We would like to help the whole community to constantly reach its goals by being an instrument of excellence in everything we do. Through this, we also not make ourselves shine in the locksmith industry but also, we are able to safeguard people’s valuables through repairing their locks or maintaining the locks’ perfect working condition. Since New Braunfels is considered to be one of good places in the country to raise a family, we help the whole community to consistently have that impression about their place. If parents need to leave their house and their teenage sons during the weekend, there’s no reason for them to worry about them so much since the house’s locks are working properly because of the proper maintenance by our team. Also, if the kids find out that there seems to be a problem with the locks, out hotline is always ready to take their call. And because of our proven trustworthiness over the years, parents don’t need to worry about the person that will fix those locks. For us, saying that we will be the best entails deeper meanings. One of them is that we love what we do.

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Our Expertise

  • Residential locks – we consider every client’s house as our home, too. Not in a sense that we are too comfortable when we enter those houses, but in a sense that the way we care for those houses as if they are ours. Our residential locks services include garage doors repair, rekeying, etc.
  • Commercial locks – we know that businesses are very important to the overall progress of the town of New Braunfels as they are also big factors to the growing economy of the place. So, we make sure that the locks of these business establishments are working perfectly at all times. From ordinary locks to biometric locks for businesses, you will know that our services are really best in class.
  • Automotive businesses – Cars are one of the most important things that need locks. Most of time, when you are outside, locking your car is important because you use it almost every time. However, car locks may be faulty, too, so we at Top Choice Locksmith recognized it and mastered automotive locks. We cater to different car brands that are up in the market right now, from consumer-based ones to the high-end ones. Through this, you can be assured that we will have the proper solutions for any car model you may be showing to us.

Our Edge

We are proud to say that we have several advantages compared to other locksmith companies. Even though we are already in this business for years, giving reliable services to our clients, we still offer the lowest prices for our services when compared to our competitors. This way we are able to fuse great service with low service charges because we believe that great services do not have to be a pain in your pocket. Many other locksmith companies promise great service, but in the end would cost you more in the end. We know how to be customer, and we all want everything we buy or hire to be a bang for the buck. Also, our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation gives us a big edge from the others. Whatever time it may be, we are always ready to take a customer’s call and help him or her with his or her problems with his or her locks. After the call, our quick to respond locksmiths will dispatch right away when they receive the customers’ details from the front office personnel. These things give us one step ahead from the others. It just feels so right when we win clients because of these things and the great hard work of our whole team.